Sunday 16th April 2023

Links page has been updated with records currently being taken of Water/Air temperature, pH and Conductivity of the water.

Friday 9th Dec 2022

Links page has been updated with the Inland Fisheries river survey and the 2022 Kick Sampling data.

Friday 11th Nov 2022

We have added a button on the side panel to allow you email us. If you click on the link it will take you to a page where the email address is located. As a means of reducing spam you will have to physically type the email addess into the "To" line of your own email. We trust you understand our reason for this approach.

Thursday 18th Feb 2021

The 2021 Annual report and the members/application renewal form have been uploaded.

Annual report click here

Renewal form click here

Wednesday 5th August 2020

The Sedge Cup was fished on the 18th July last with a turnout of 10 anglers. Unlike our previous competition conditions on the night were perfect & anglers looked forward to the evening rise. However as is becoming increasingly common the rise never happened, for whatever reason. Are the fish not there, are they well fed on minnow, there was fly sedges, olives & BWO (Blue Winged Olive) not in abundance to enough entice some fish up. As said this is becoming a regular story on the fishery, perfect evenings & conditions weather wise with fly hatching but no fish rising. Is there an answer & what can be done about it? We have relayed our observations to the IFI, in particular the collapse in fish stocks & have asked for action.

All our competitions are run on a CPR (Catch Photo Release) basis & under Covid 19 guidelines.

Results of the competition can be found under the Comp Results link.


Friday 3rd July

Our Twilight Competition was fished last Saturday night 27/6 on a wet windy dirty night. The class of anglers shown through and an impressive 21 fish were returned for the measure in, given the conditions a very good return.

Again the competition was run observing Covid 19 guidelines & social distancing. Dave O'Callaghan was 1st with 123.7cm , Paul Dunne 2nd 114.2cm & Denis Goulding 3rd 109.2cm .

Saturday 27th June

Our first river competition of the year, the Michael O'Reilly cup, was fished on Saturday 13th June in line with the current Covid-19 restrictions.

All our competitions are now fished on catch and release basis. 12 anglers turned out and most had fish for their efforts. A total of 23 fish were caught and retuned safely to the water.

Our next competition will be the Twilight competition on evening of Saturday 27th.

Monday 18th May

In light of the current change in guidelines relating to COVID-19 the committee has agreed to open our waters and advises members fishing to do so with adherence to the IFI advice, bearing in mind that we are now allowed to travel a max of 5km from our home. We would ask members not to crowd parking areas or congregate within these areas.

IFI angling guidelines that have been issued are to facilitate those that wish to take angling as their brief exercise while at all times following Government and HSE guidelines relating to social distancing.

IFI guidelines in relation to COVID-19 can be found here and may be updated as the Government and HSE advice changes from time to time.


As per the IFI guidelines the club competitions are postponed/cancelled until further notice


Friday 13th September

Results from the last three competitions and the 2019 leaderboard have been updated.

In the links page there is now a link to our Kick Sampling results. Follow the links to open the the Small Stream Characterization results for the kick samples from each year.

Monday 22nd July

Our first evening competition of the season took place 8th June last. This was also our first time to have a C&R evening competition which did present a few problems at night but the experience anglers had from our previous C&R comps stood to them. 8 anglers returned pictures of 27 fish for the measure in. 
1st place was Kevin Dunne 4 fish for 130cm, 2nd Tony Doherty 4 fish for 122cm & 3rd Peter M Doherty 4 fish 117.9cm.

Tuesday 14th May

Our first competition of the season was fished Sunday 24th March under C&R rules. Eight anglers returned 15 fish
 1st Tony Doherty 4 fish 112.2cm
 2nd Peter M Doherty 4 fish 109.6 cm
 3rd Dave O'Callaghan 4 fish 95.4cm
 4th Paul Dunne 3 fish 67cm.

The Wet & Dry was fished on Sunday 7/4 with 6 anglers competing, this was run on a C&R basis & 19 fish were returned. 
1st Peter M Doherty 108.4cm
2nd Tony Doherty 101.8cm
3rd Kevin Dunne 84.9cm

The Gray Cup was fished Sunday 12th May with 9 anglers competing, it was fished on a C&R basis with anglers provided with a measure & they take a photo of fish on measure & declare their best 4. On the day 7 anglers declared 24 fish over 20cm. 1st place went to Peter M Doherty, 2nd Terry Walsh & 3rd Kevin Dunne.

Monday 20th August

Twilight Competition

Our Twilight competition took place on Saturday 28th June with just six anglers competing our lowest turnout for some time. The competition took second place to good weather & barbecues I think. Richard Duggan was victorious again on the night with Tony Doherty 2nd & Fran Nugent 3rd. Again the evening rise was very localised & those in the right location did well.

Sedge Cup

The Sedge Cup was held on Friday 21st July last & like our previous competitions conditions made for difficult fishing. I don't think we are alone as a club that has had a poor year lets hope it is not repeated next year. On the night we had 7 competitors with 4 making returns results were Denis Goulding 1st Peter M Doherty 2nd & Dave O'Callaghan 3rd.

Junior Day

Our Junior Day was held on Sunday 22nd July many thanks to those who attended, particularly committee members Peter M Doherty Tony Doherty Denis Goulding & Kevin Dunne. We had some fly fishing instruction, watercraft, bug hunting & general messing about in the river.


Autumn Cup

The Autumn Cup was fished on the 12th August last & was fished on a C&R basis. On the day turnout was low with just 5 anglers competing & return even lower. Peter M Doherty was winner on the day with 4 fish for a combined length of 105.5cm & Dave O'Callaghan was 2nd.

Saturday 16th June 2018

Our first evening competition was fished Saturday night last 9th June conditions were good on the evening & some anglers were fishing to rising fish & some even got to fish an evening rise which has been lacking of late. This is very concerning as up till now with perfect evening conditions there has been no rise, this also seems to be the situation on other stretches from Ballymore right down. I have heard that other waters are experiencing similar. On the night we had seven anglers competing & congratulations to Richard Duggan on first place, 2nd was Peter M Doherty with Dave O'Callaghan 3rd.

Sunday 9th July 2017

Our second evening comp the Twilight Cup was fished last Saturday 1st July, weather on the night was ok dry if a little breezy but it was cool & this was reflected in the evening rise which was non-existent for some. With the rise being poor on some parts of the river our chairman Terry Walsh decided to get in some practice for the next Olympics were he hope's to compete in the diving, however it has to be said that his efforts were poor with a very unorthodox & splashy entry into the river. Those who met rising fish had a good night with Peter M Doherty 1st, Kevin Dunne 2nd & Joe Doherty 3rd.

Saturday 8th July 2017

Our first evening competition the Michael O'Reilly Cup was fished on Saturday 10th & we had a great turnout of 14 anglers. Conditions were perfect, it was a warm balmy shirtsleeve night the kind we all look forward to, except no one told the fish or more correctly the flies as there was no hatch to speak. Some fish were moving early on to smuts & about 9ish there was some spinner action but as anglers manoeuvred into position to wait for the anticipated evening rise to Yellow Mays, Spinners, BWO & Sedges it just didn't happen on most of the river, well that's fishing. Despite that the cream did rise to the top with Joe Winder taking 1st followed by young Diarmuid Cullen 2nd (one to watch for the future & 3rd Peter M Doherty.

Friday 16th June 2017

Leinster River Championships:

Hosted by Dodder Anglers Association on the river Dodder on Sunday 16th July. Meeting @ the Dropping Well car park Registration 8.30am -8.45 am. Fishing will commence from 10am-1pm break for lunch 2pm-5pm returning to Dropping Well for meal. River will be closed on the 3rd July till match day.

5 Anglers per club can be entered. Entry fee €40 .00 per angler. Anglers must provide a Stewart who is at least 18 years of age and reasonably fit and must have chest waders and suitable clothing and bring lunch. On the entry form please include mobile number for each angler. A draw will be held for beats and stewards. Any club member wishing to fish MUST enter through the club secretary.


Juniors Day

Clane Trout will hold a juniors morning / introduction to fly fishing & general tuition on Sunday 2nd July from 10am - 1pm. We invite adult members to participate by bringing along a junior who may have an interest in fishing. There will be some equipment available on the day but do bring your own. We will have tuition available and a friendly competition with prizes, All juniors (under 16 ) MUST be accompanied by an adult guardian for the duration, we cannot be responsible for juniors and their supervision or safety. Please reply to the teamer notification when received if attending or PM Clane Trout on Facebook with details.

Monday 23rd May 2017

Site updated with results from the 2017 competitions completed so far, Spring Cup, Wet & Dry Cup and Gray Cup. See 2017 link in Comp Results page.

Sunday 25th September 2016

Our final competition of the season the Harry Smith Memorial took place Sunday 18th Sept with a turnout of 10 anglers. The day started of pleasant enough but by mid afternoon we had constant rain, fly hatches were poor with nymphs being mainly in use. The Doherty triplets had a clean sweep of the prizes with Joe Doherty 1st, Peter M Doherty 2nd & Tony Doherty 3rd. The result also confirmed our top rod for the year, at the start of the day Kevin Tipper lead Peter M Doherty by 3 points but he came up short on the day & Peter's 2nd place was more than enough for him to overtake Kevin & claim Top Rod 2016.

Tuesday 10th August 2016

Clane Trout & Salmon Anglers urge all our members to support the combined efforts of NARA & TAFI in their efforts to oppose the IFI's decision to exit trout production. Please see below from NARA & please download the file & forward it as outlined. We also ask you to make representations to your local TD's regarding your opposition to the IFI decision.


Inland Fisheries Ireland are exiting all freshwater Trout production. The Board of IFI have taken the decision to close all trout hatcheries and trout farms. Please show your support for the campaign to oppose IFI's decision to exit trout production. Print this file, sign it and either post it or email it to PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS POST ON YOUR FB PAGE AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE CAMPAIGN TO PROTECT IRISH TROUT, ANGLING RELATED JOBS AND THE IRISH TOURIST ECONOMY!

Monday 1st August 2016

Our first evening competition of the year the Michael O'Reilly Memorial Trophy was fished Saturday 11th June. We had a turnout of 15 anglers competing with most anglers meeting fish & some good ones too. Weather on the night was cool with a downstream wind resulting in poor enough hatches in some areas. Winner on the night was Donal Monahan, 2nd Peter M Doherty & 3rd was Kevin Dunne. Donal had a great fish on the night of 2lb 9.875ozs.

Our Twi-Light Cup was fished Sat 2nd July & we had a turnout of 13 anglers on the night. Although we had a lot of rain during the week conditions were good with the river only slightly up. The evening turned out pleasant resulting in a good rise & most anglers met rising fish. First place went to Kevin Tipper, 2nd Joe Doherty & 3rd was Kevin Dunne

The inaugural running of our new Sedge Cup competition took place last night, however it was inappropriately named as we had little sedge activity. Conditions on the night were good but the hatch didn't materialize with some angler's having a poor night, some saw no rise at all while Kevin Tipper the eventual winner was covering rising fish all night. 15 anglers returned 25 fish on the night with a lot of blanks, first place went to Kevin Tipper, 2nd Terry Walsh & 3rd Tony Doherty

Up to date results can be found in the 'Comp Results' section and photos of the prize winners for these three competitions can be viewed in the 'Gallery' section in the 2016 folder.

Sunday  12th June 2016

Our premier competition the Gray Cup was fished Sunday 8th May, we had a turnout of 11 anglers competing. It was a tough day with bright sunshine & very little fly hatching. Winner on the day with 4 fish for 2lb 11.75oz was Peter M Doherty, 2nd Denis Goulding & 3rd Kevin Tipper

Monday  11th April 2016

Our second competition of the year took place 3rd April, it was a cool showery typical April day with the river running a little high and slightly coloured. We had a great turnout with 19 Anglers competing & most anglers meeting fish. Most fly methods produced results, wets, spiders, nymphs, New Zealand style, dry fly & the odd lure being used. Winner on the day was Kevin Tipper with 4 fish for just over 3lb, 2nd Tony Doherty & 3rd Seamus O Neill.

Wed 28th October 2015

With the results of the final river competition of the season now in, congratulation to Joe Winder as this years 'top rod'. Full results of the Harry Smith Memorial competition and overall results table can be found on the result page.

Friday 14th August 2015

Many thanks to those who attended Clane Anglers junior day; all the Hacketts Kaelin, Aoibheann & Tiernan, Pat Geoghan, Dan & Katie Doherty, Conor Coughlan, James & Christian Gray and in particular our committee members who helped out Tony & Peter Doherty, Bill Gray, Pat Cleere.
Also thanks to Cleere's Angling Centre for their generous donations of prizes on the day.

Wednesday 8th July 2015

Our Twilight competition was fished on Saturday night 4th July. We had a good turnout of 11 anglers who returned 31 fish. Most anglers had some great fishing on the night with good hatches of Pale Evening Dun, Blue Winged Olives & Sedges. There was a clear winner on night with Joe Winder returning 4 fish for a great bag weighing in at 4lb 8 & 3/4 oz, Joe also had the biggest fish in competitions this year with a fish of 2lb 1 & 3/4 oz.

Tuesday 7th July 2015

Our first evening outing of the year the Ml O'Reilly was fished on Saturday 6th June, we had a great turnout with 15 anglers returning 44 fish. Winner on the night was Tony Doherty, & K Tipper 2nd place, Kevin also weighed in the biggest fish in competitions this year with a fish of 1lb 6.375ozs.

Tuesday 7th July 2015

The home international was fished recently on North Kildare trout and salmon waters from St.Patricks well to Athgarvan weir. The teams were Ireland , England, Wales, and Scotland. Visiting teams arrived on Sunday prior to competition and practiced for four days. The draw was made on Wednesday evening and beats were walked on Thursday (no fishing).The competition is four timed sessions of one and a half hours, two morning and two afternoon, each section had a team member from each country, with five sections.

Congratulations To Clane Angler Peter Doherty who was top rod with 4 place points and 26 fish with 1207 fish points. Second was Kieron Jenkins Wales 5 points and 19 fish with 835 fish points, third was Simon Robbinson England 5 place points and 17 fish with 783 fish points.

(Fish points are 20 points for every fish, and  1 point for every cm over, only fish over 20cm counted)

Ireland won with 43 points, England second with 49 points, Wales third with 50 points and Scotland was fourth with 67 points

Sunday 12th April

Results of the early season competitions are now available and cab be viewed at the 'Comp Results' page. Photos associated with the event are available in the gallery section

Friday 27th March 2015

Our annual Christmas day out was held on Sunday 7th December and was held at Southern County Fishery Milltown, Garryhill, Bagnallstown, Co. Carlow, we had a great turnout with some 25 adults & 6 juniors attending on the day.

The weather was kind on the day a cold wind but dry & bright and thankfully we did not get the weather as forecast. There were some real highlights to the day & it was great to see the juniors catching plenty of fish although they did find it difficult when certain renowned international anglers starting to muscle in on the their patch, but we will say no more about that. I must commend one angler in particular for his enthusiasm on the day, this day out is known as our turkey competition and this angler really entered into the spirit, so when he couldn't find a turkey he promptly hooked the next best bird available a DUCK, fowl play was called but thankfully he was an advocate of C&R and the bird was none the worse for the experience ( I won't mention his name to save embarrassment). Back to the Westgrove in Clane for a meal and the prize giving, a special mention goes out to Christian Gray, Conal Bennett, Jordan Doherty, Arlo Graham, Daniel & Kate Doherty our great junior anglers also to Conor Graham, Paul Dunne, Noel Bennett and Betty Hayes our senior winners. Thanks to Pat Cleere Angling & Betty Hayes for sponsorship of the junior prizes.

 PS For those who may be curious the aforementioned fowl catching angler goes by the initials of DG & he promises to tie the successful duckfly pattern for anyone who identifies him.

Friday 7th November 2014

Our annual Christmas competition will take place on Sunday 7th Dec from 11 – 4pm at the Southern County Fishery Milltown, Garryhill, Bagnallstown, Co. Carlow. The cost of the event is €30 per person which includes a meal in the Westgrove Hotel, Clane. Please contact Club Secretary Tony Doherty 087-2572956 to confirm your participation. Details of the Southern County Fishery can be found here


Sunday 5th October 2014

The final competition of the 2014 year, the Harry Smith Memorial Cup, was fished on the club waters on Sunday 14th September. The winner on the day  was Tony Doherty with 3 fish weighing just over 3lbs. Congratulations to all those that competed in the the clubs competitions throughout the year.

Wednesday 20th August 2014

The Autumn Cup was fished on Sunday 10th August, 12 anglers competed returning 11 fish. The day lived up to its name and had a real autumn feel about it, fishing was hard with no real rise and anglers had to work hard.
But as they say the ol' dog for the hard road and T Doherty came out on top with two fish. Our heaviest fish in competitions this year was weighed in at 1lb 7.625oz by a new member & competition first timer Conor Myers. Well done to all.


Wednesday 20th August 2014

Clane Anglers juniors day was held Sunday 20th July many thanks to those who attended Patrick Crean, Christian Gray & the Hackett clan Kaelin,Tiernan & Aobheann & those who assisted on the day with tuition & general help Bill Gray, Des Hackett & the Doherty's Tony Joe & Peter. Also thanks to Southside Angling for providing equipment & to Michael & Betty Hayes for goody bags for the Juniors.

Monday 14th July 2014

CTSAA Twilight competition was fished last night 5th July, 14 anglers competed with 12 anglers returning 20 fish & Kevin Tipper getting 1st place. It was a mixed night weather wise with some heavy showers and periods of good sunshine, slightly cooler than of late and on parts of the river a mist descended at dusk witch killed of hatches and put fish down. The river is running clear and level with hatches of Yellow Evening Dun, Sedges & BWO so its well worth a visit for the evening rise. Fish although not huge are in great condition.

Thursday  3rd July 2014

Congratulations to Peter Doherty who was crowned the ITFFA National Rivers Champion and Kevin Dunne 2nd, both have qualified to represent Ireland at next years International Rivers competition. Both anglers were clearly ahead of the rest of the field on the day with both having four 1st places in their sessions, and Peter coming out on top with number of fish. Many thanks to North Kildare Trout Salmon Anglers for hosting the competition. Pictures from the prize giving can be found in the gallery section.

Juniors Day.
Clane Trout propose to hold a juniors day / introduction to fishing on the 20th July from 11am - 3pm, meet Manzors Public House car park Clane 10.30am. We invite adult members to participate by bringing along a junior who may have an interest in fishing. There will be some equipment available on the day but do bring your own. We will have tuition available and a friendly competition with prizes, all methods are allowed. All juniors (under 16 ) MUST be accompanied by an adult guardian for the duration, we cannot be responsible for juniors and their supervision or safety. Please reply to the teamer notification when received if attending.

The Michael O'Reilly competition was fished during June and 16 anglers competed, returning 46 fish. The overall winner was Kevin Tipper. Results can be viewed on our Competition Results page and pictures from the event can be seen in the gallery section.

Thursday  22nd May 2014

The Gray Cup was fished on the river on Sunday 11th May. 12 Anglers competed for the coveted trophy and 40 fish were landed. Paul Dunne was successful on the day and only pipped Tony and Peter Doherty by the smallest of margins. The list of winners and the current points table for the top rod trophy can be found on the Comp results page. Pictures of the prize giving can be viewed on the Gallery page.

Wednesday  21st May 2014

Congratulations to the winning Clane team in the recent Liffey Shield competition. The Liffey Shield was fished on the Saturday 26th April and was hosted by North Kildare Anglers. Four Liffey clubs competed for this most coveted of honours Clane ,North Kildare, Dublin Trout and Leixlip Anglers with Clane once again being victorious. This is the fourth year in row that Clane have retained the trophy so congratulations to Tony Doherty, Joe Doherty, Denis Goulding and John McCabe for a job well done. Photograph of the team receiving the shield can be found in the gallery section.

Friday 11th April 2014

Site has been updated with results of Wet & Dry Competition fished on Sunday 6th April.  10 anglers competed and first place went Kevin Tipper. Tony Doherty had the heaviest fish of  12.75oz, Tony also landed a perch of  14.375oz. Full details of the competition and the current top rod leader board can be found by clicking into 'Comp Results'. Some photos from the event are uploaded in the gallery section.

The next Competition is the Gray Cup which on Sunday 11th May

Wednesday 11th March 2014

Site updated with results of Spring Cup which was fished on Sunday 9th March. See Competition Results section for details

Thursday 5th March 2014

Site updated with revised application form for 2014, calendar updated with details of the competitions for the coming season and gallery section updated with photo's from the 2103 Xmas competition and the Ecology event held last July.

Monday 11th November 2013

The annual Christmas competition will take place on Sunday 1st Dec from 11 – 4pm at the Curragh Springs fishery. The cost of the event is €30 per person which includes a meal in the Westgrove Hotel, Clane. Please contact the Club Secretary to confirm your participation. Details of the Curragh Springs fishery can be found here.

Results of the Harry Smith Memorial competition are posted in the results section. Seven anglers fished the competition and 4 fish were returned.

Also, congratulations to Joe Doherty who retuned the heaviest fish at 1lb 15.625oz in the Autumn Cup fished in early August.

Details of all results for competitions for 2013 can be found on our results page.

Saturday 17th August 2013

Clane Anglers chairman Terry Walsh wishes to personally thank those anglers who answered his call for a work party recently. At short notice anglers from CTSAA with North Kildare Anglers, Dublin Trout Anglers, Ballymore Anglers and Dublin Salmon Anglers assembled in Barretstown Castle Ballymore Eustace Co. Kildare to assist with weed clearing of a lake used for canoeing. Many hands make light work and a such was the case on the night with a tremendous amount of weed removed from the lake. Barretstown’s operations manager Mr Gary Doyle and maintenance manager Mr Ger Cullen were extremely appreciative of the combined effort of FLAC (Federation of Liffey Angling Clubs) in answering their call for assistance and have asked that their thanks be passed onto the clubs involved.

Pictures of the clean up can be found in the gallery section

Saturday 17th August 2013

During the past couple of months the club has been active with various river competitions. Results of the Twi-Light and Autumn Cup can be found in the Comp Results for 2013. The points table has also be updated and with only one competition remaining for points to be awarded the top of the leader board is beginning to look all too familiar


Saturday 6th July 2013


All are invited by Clane Trout Anglers Association to come and explore the wildlife of one of Ireland’s most important rivers. On Sunday 28 July, we’ll be meeting at Paddy’s Strand at 10am to look at how the amazing ecology of our rivers helps to provide us with clean water, wildlife and of course, one of the best fisheries in Europe. Join Ecologist Billy Flynn and the Clane Anglers as we look at creepy-crawlies, water creatures and wildflowers of the river ecosystem. Please come prepared for the weather, wellies are a must and bring along a net if you have one. Who knows what you might catch?

For further details contact Terry Walsh at 087 2553795.

Tuesday 18th June 2013

Many thanks to the following members that attended the work party Sunday 16th June, David Dunne ,Ken Nash, Fintan Cullen, Tony Doherty, Joe Doherty, Jim Wyse & Ken Hall were much needed work was carried out. New steps have been cut into the bank at the bottom of Paddy's Strand much improving access, a new stile has been erected between Monaghan’s & McSweeney's at the bottom of the fishery and three new stiles have been erected in McCarthy's.

Tuesday 18th June 2013

In accordance with our insurance requirements it is necessary for all persons who fish on club waters or use the club boats to have a receipt as proof of membership.
Ordinary members will have been issued with membership cards and these should have been signed
For non-members fishing on the club waters on the River Liffey, day tickets are available from Cleeres or Wallace’s shops in Clane.
For non-members using any club boat the persons from whom the boat is hired will have a supply of day tickets and any non-club member has to request this day ticket at the time of booking the boat and this ticket should be collected upon arrival at the designated area. As non-members can only use the club boat when accompanied by a club member, then the onus is on the club member to ensure that the issuance of a day ticket for the non-club member is complied with.
If any member has any questions in relation to this process then please contact any officer of the club for clarification.

 Friday 14th June 2013

A work party is scheduled to meet at the bridge in Clane on Sunday 16th June to repair/create stiles and access along the club section of the river. If you plan to attend can you bring a suitable range of tools to enable the work to be successfully completed.

Wednesday 13th June 2013

The Michael O'Reilly competition was fished on Saturday 1st June with a total of 13 fish landed. 12 anglers competed and 7 of the Anglers returned fish. Results of the competition can be found in the results page and photographs from the day can be seen in the gallery section.

Tuesday 7th May 2013

The Gray cup was fished on Sunday 5th May. There was an entry of 15 anglers, including Diarmuid Cullen and Jamie Keane, representing the Intermediates. Eight anglers returned fish for approx 18lb. The winning bag went to Denis Goulding with 4 fish for 3lb 2.5oz. Heaviest fish went to Joe Doherty with a fish if 1lb 2.375oz, still not good enough to beat Pat Cleere's 1lb 9oz in the Spring Cup, still the one to beat.

Thursday 2nd May 2013

The Minister of State at the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Fergus O'Dowd, TD invites members of the public and interested parties to attend a public information meeting to canvass views on the major elements of new inland fisheries legislation, in advance of the statutory consultation period.

The local meeting for Clane Anglers will be held at the Lucan Spa Hotel on Wednesday 8th May at 7pm.

Further information can be found at the Inland Fisheries website, or by following this link

Wednesday 1st May 2013

The National Association of river Anglers, NARA, have requested that members of Angling Clubs return a questionnaire on the funding and future development of Angling within the State. The original questionnaire was circulated late 2012 and is being re-circulated. The closing date for returns is the 8th May 2013.

Details of the request and the return details can be found here and the form can be downloaded here for completion

Details of  the original documents and covering letter from NARA can be viewed on the Dublin Trout Anglers website or you can follow this link.

Tuesday  16th April 2013

Results of the recent Wet & Dry competition took place on the river Liffey last Sunday and results are uploaded on the Comp results page. Photo's taken on the day can be viewed in our gallery section. Ten anglers fished and 16 fish were returned. Conditions on the day were very poor with downstream strong winds all day, there was some olives hatching and the odd fish rising. With temperatures rising over the coming days, if the wind settles, the river should produce some good fishing.

Friday 22nd March 2013

Calendar of events for 2013 has been updated recently, see events page for dates and times of Competitions for this year.

The first event of the 2013 calendar occurred on Sunday 3rd March. 9 Anglers competed in the Spring Cup which was won by Pat Cleere with the maximum of 4 fish weighing 4lb 3.5oz, with the heaviest of these at 1lb 9oz.

Details of the 2013 Competition Results can be found here

Also, the gallery section has been updated with photos of presentations from the recent AGM and the aforementioned Spring Cup.


Friday 9th November 2012

The 2012 Christmas competition will be held on 2nd December 2012 at the Rathcon Farm near Grangecon Co. Wicklow. Fishing will be from 11:00am to 4:00pm. Dinner will held in the Westgrove Hotel, Clane later in the evening. The total cost including dinner is 30 Euro. To confirm your attendance please email : claneanglers or contact the secretary at 086-8533755.

Thursday 13th September 2012

Results of the Autumn Cup and the Harry Smith Memorial Competitions are now posted, also some pictures from the weigh-in of the Harry Smith Memorial competition can be viewed in the gallery page.

Final Competition standings for 2012, subject to verification

Monday 23rd July 2012

Results of the Michael O'Reilly and Twi-Light Competition are now posted in the 2012 results page, also some pictures from the weigh-in of the Twi-light competition can be viewed in the gallery page.

Friday 6th July 2012

Results of the National Rivers Competition hosted by Clane Trout & Salmon Anglers and fished on the River Liffey can be found here. Special thanks to Dublin Trout Anglers for allowing the use of their stretch of the Liffey.

Sunday 13th May 2012

Results of the Gray Cup  fished on Sunday 6th May and the latest Competition Standings.

See Photo's from the event in the gallery section.

Also site updated with photos and presentations from the 2012 AGM and the 2011 FLAC Competition

Sunday 29th April 2012

Results of the Wet & Dry  fished on Sunday 15th April and the latest Competition Standings.

See Photo's from the event in the gallery section.

Tuesday  13th March 2012

Site updated with latest membership renewal form in PDF format, results of the Spring Cup fished on Sunday 4th March and the latest Competition standings

Monday  5th March 2012

Site updated with latest application form, 2012 AGM Report and gallery with 2012 AGM Presentations and Liffey Competition from 2011

Monday  5th September 2011

Results of the latest river competition, the Harry Smith Memorial Cup, are available in the Comp Results Section with photos of the event available in the gallery section.

Monday  22nd August 2011

Results of the recent Autumn Cup Competition are available in the Comp Results section. Photos of the evening can be found in the gallery section.

Friday  15th July 2011

Results of the recent Twilight Competition are available in the Comp Results section. Photos of the evening can be found in the gallery section.

Thursday  23rd June 2011

New updated map showing the extent of the club waters has now been added. To view the new map click here or by clicking the 'MAP' button on the home page.

Thursday  23rd June 2011

National River Championships was fished on the River liffey on June 18th, the Leinster team was represented by three Clane Anglers, Kevin Dunne, Tony Doherty & Peter Doherty. Congratulations to Peter Doherty who won the competition and the Tony Doherty Trophy and will represent Ireland in the International Rivers Competition in 2012.

Friday  6th May 2011

One of the club boats is now located on Lough Sheelin Co. Cavan. To book the boat please contact John Murphy, Crover, Co. Cavan. Telephone numbers 086-8779058 or 049-8540304.


Thursday  5th May 2011

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Gray Cup competition that was due to be held on Sunday 1st May was postponed an has now been re-scheduled for Sunday 8th May 2011. Details of the event can be found under the events header.


Friday  18th April 2011

Updated Links page with link to the Wild Trout Trust web page.


Friday  3rd Dec 2010

Due to the severe weather conditions, the Christmas competition scheduled for Sunday 5th Dec has been cancelled. The committee apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to any members intending to participate.


Friday  10th Sept 2010

Results of the Michael O'Reilly competition which took place on Saturday 5th June. For pictures click here...

1st    Kevin Dunne
2nd  Kevin Tipper
3rd    Peter Doherty 
4th  Tony Doherty
5th    Norman Morrow

Wednesday  8th Sept 2010

Results of the Harry Smith Memorial competition which took place on Sunday 5th September. For pictures click here...

1st    Tony Doherty 4 fish 3lbs 1?oz
2nd  Peter Doherty  3 fish 1lbs 13